Ronaldo is back and Champion.

Ronaldo is Brazilian Champion.

Ronaldo and Corinthians won the Sau Paulo championship in football and now Ronaldo is back to play again. Ronaldo has scored many goals in the last games and he is one his way to play football just we like to see Ronaldo play. I love to see Ronaldo play football and I like that he is back to play some good football.

Is Ronaldo going back to play football in Europe?

I would like to see Ronaldo back to the Brazilian football team again, and even more see Ronaldo back to a football club in Europe Ronaldo is good an of to play in some of the miner clubs in Europe and I hope that he will play here again.

Back to the Brazilian football team?

With the form that Ronaldo has shown in the last football games after he went back from injury I think that Ronaldo is good an of to play for the Brazilian national football team again, but maybe Ronaldo doesn’t want to play for the National team again, we can only hope that Ronaldo will be back some day. After Ronaldo has played some more matches just to see that his knees can do it again on that level.

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