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Heitinga thinks that the new football manager is good.

We have to start winning some more football games.

Heitinga and Atletico Madrid has been a disappointment this season, and Atletico Madrid is only on a 6 place in the Primera league, and that just isn’t good an of for the ambition football club in Spain. Heitinga hasn’t played his best football season, but now with the new manager Heitinga hopes that he can lift his game to a new level.

Heitinga likes the new manager in Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga said to that”The first time I saw him was good. He spoke to us and said: I’m here for the club, for myself and to do what we have to do. And that is to win games,” says John Heitinga in an exclusive video interview with Heitinga hopes that Atletico Madrid now can play better football.
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Can van der Vaart make 3 goals again?

3 goals in the last football game against Sporting.

In the last football game against Sporting, van der Vaart made 3 goals, and Real Madrid won the football match 7-1 that was a fantastic football result, and I personally hope they can do it again. The last football game against Sporting van der Vaart was in great form, and maybe he will be that again, I hope that van der Vaart can score 3 goals again, and that Real Madrid can win the football match.

Van der Vaart is a good football player.

Van der Vaart is one of the best Dutch football players, and together with Sneijder and Robben the 3 football players is so good and they are playing some very good football together. Robben is in the form of his life right now, scoring in almost every football match, and he is playing some wonderful football right now.
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Real Madrid can’t win the Spanish football Championship.

Real Madrid can’t win the Football Championship.

Real Madrid is just too far behind to win the Spanish football championship, and at the way that Barcelona is playing, I don’t think that Real Madrid is having a chance to win the football championship. The players in Real Madrid have to have to believe that it can be done, football stars like Sneijder, van der Vaart and Raul.

Real Madrid will properly be number 2 this year.

I think that Real Madrid will be number 2 this year, even with football stars like Sneijder and van der Vaart; it will be almost impossibly to win the championship this year. Barcelona is to far in front, and Barcelona is having some football stars too. Barcelona is having a great football team, and Real Madrid, Sneijder and van der Vaart is just too far behind to win.
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Van der Vaart is not use to sit on the bench.

Van der Vaart most gets use to the bench.

It is not always easy to sit on the bench for van der Vaart but in a football club like Real Madrid, even the biggest football stars most sit on the bench. I most say that bigger football stars than van der Vaart has been sitting on the bench in Real Madrid and he is properly not the last football stars that have to sit on the bench in Real Madrid.

I most get use to it Sais van der Vaart to

It’s not easy because I’m used to play every game. But when you come to a club like Real Madrid you sometime have to. It’s not a problem, but I have to get used to it,” says Rafael van der Vaart in an interview with
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Real Madrid lost again.

It looks bad for Real Madrid.

After the football match against Sevilla Sunday evening, Real Madrid is so far after Barcelona that I will say that the championship most bee gone. 9 point after Barcelona maybe it is too many points even for Real Madrid. Now Real Madrid supporters can only hope that Real Madrid can win the Champions league because maybe this is the only chance to win a trophy this year.

Van der Vaart played for Real Madrid.

Van der Vaart is the one of the Dutch stars in Real Madrid that is not injured, Van der Vaart and Robben played against Sevilla, but booth van Nistelroy and Sneijder was out with injuries. Van Nistelroy is out for the rest of the football season but we hope that Sneijder soon will be back again.

Rafael van der Vaart, have to win over Juventus this time.

Van der Vaarts 3 match against Juventus in this football season.

Van der Vaart has played against Juventus 2 time earlier in this football season, the first match was when van der Vaart still played for Hamburg and they met them at the Emirates cup in Arsenal. In that football match van der Vaart didn’t play because of the rumors that van der Vaart should make a move to Real Madrid. Last match Real Madrid lost 2-1 and now van der Vaart wants to win.

Wesley Sneijder and van der Vaart must start in against Juventus.

Sneijder, van der Vaart, Robben and Ruud van Nistelroy must all be safe starter in the game against Juventus and if they all start on the football field I think that Real Madrid can win the football match against Juventus. With the way Real Madrid has played in the last games they have to play better against Juventus, if they don’t play a good football game they will lose the very important football game against Juventus.
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Wesley Sneijder is back to have some fun.

Sneijder is training on full speed again.

Sneijder is training along with his football team mates again, and it has been a hard time when he was on the side line and Sneijder not could be with the other boys on the field. Now Sneijder is back and he is looking forward to some hard training and be together with his team mates again.

Real Madrid is flaying high.

For Sneijder this is a good time to come back to the football team because it is always easier to come back to a football team that is winning, and it is good that the competition is so hard to get on the Real Madrid first football team. Winning a lot in the league and the 2 first matches in the Champions league is good for Sneijder and Real Madrid.
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Real Madrid and Rafael van der Vaart won the Spanish football Super cup.

The first football trophy that van der Vaart have won in a long time.

Van der Vaart haven’t won a trophy since the football season 2003-2004 when he won the Dutch football championship with Ajax, and for van der Vaart it has been a long time, but now van der Vaart has won a trophy and maybe this trophy doesn’t mean a lot to the fans or the club but in this moment it is properly the best trophy van der Vaart has ever won. 

Rafael van der Vaart is especially happy because he got the read card and Real won the match.

Van der Vaart is happy because Real Madrid won the match, even when Real Madrid was playing with 2 players out because van Nistelroy and van der Vaart him self cat the read card in the second football match against Valencia in the super cup in Spain.

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Rafael van der Vaart is now in the white Real Madrid football shirt.

A new chapter in football will be written for van der Vaart.

Now van der Vaart is changing from Hamburg to Real Madrid, and that is a big dream coming true. Van der Vaart has always wanted to play in Spain and now he is going to do so, and I think that van der Vaart will be a star in Spain and Real Madrid just like he was in Hamburg and Ajax.

A lot of rumors ended in a transfer with Real Madrid.

There have been a lot of rumors in the press, about where van der Vaart shoot play football and Valencia was the best bid last year when van der Vaart had his picture taken in a Valencia football shirt. And that made van der Vaart very unpopular in Hamburg, but then van der Vaart didn’t make the move and the fans loved him again.

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Heitinga loves to live in Spain and loves to play for Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga feels completely at home already.

When Heitinga left the Netherlands and headed for Span, Heitinga hoped that he would like the country and now after a little time Heitinga loves to live in Spain. Heitinga took the car to Spain because he would have his 2 dogs with him. Heitinga loves his place and hope to stay there for many years.

Heitinga can speak the language.

Heitinga had taken a 2 years Spanish course so Heitinga is not coming just like many others football stars that starts playing football in another country Heitinga already can speak the language. Heitinga is a little sorry that he dint brings Ajax to the Champions League before he moved to Atletico Madrid but now Heitinga hopes he can do something big with Atletico Madrid.

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