Heitinga thinks that the new football manager is good.

We have to start winning some more football games.

Heitinga and Atletico Madrid has been a disappointment this season, and Atletico Madrid is only on a 6 place in the Primera league, and that just isn’t good an of for the ambition football club in Spain. Heitinga hasn’t played his best football season, but now with the new manager Heitinga hopes that he can lift his game to a new level.

Heitinga likes the new manager in Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga said to Fobazzo.com that”The first time I saw him was good. He spoke to us and said: I’m here for the club, for myself and to do what we have to do. And that is to win games,” says John Heitinga in an exclusive video interview with Fobazo.com. Heitinga hopes that Atletico Madrid now can play better football.

We have to move forward Sais Heitinga.

”We’ve all agreed that we want to move forward,” says John Heitinga after Atletico this week changed coach. After the departure of Javier Aguirre as manager of Atlético de Madrid and the arrival of Abel Resino as new ‘rojiblanco’ head coach, the team has gotten right to work to try and change the run of poor results that they’ve
had recently.

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