Christian Poulsen and Denmark is going to win over Sweden.

On Saturday Christian Poulsen is going to play some good football.

Christian Poulsen and the rest of the Danish football team is all going to play some good football on Saturday when they are going to play against Sweden. Denmark is leading the group with 3 point to Sweden and we have to win to be qualified, it is one of the most important games in many years in Denmark and also for Christian Poulsen who has had a hard start in Juventus.

Christian Poulsen hasn’t played a lot in Juventus.

The start of this football season hasn’t been going just like Christian Poulsen wanted it to go. But in the bright light Christian Poulsen stayed in Juventus and he is playing some football, but not as moth as he would like to play. But Christian Poulsen is playing and that is more than a lot of football fans were hoping.

Maybe Christian Poulsen will make a January shift to another football club.

If Christian Poulsen doesn’t play more football for Juventus when January is coming maybe he has to move to another football club to play. It is not so good to have too many football players with to South Africa that doesn’t play regular in there football club.  We most see how it is going when January comes.

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