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Heitinga loves to live in Spain and loves to play for Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga feels completely at home already.

When Heitinga left the Netherlands and headed for Span, Heitinga hoped that he would like the country and now after a little time Heitinga loves to live in Spain. Heitinga took the car to Spain because he would have his 2 dogs with him. Heitinga loves his place and hope to stay there for many years.

Heitinga can speak the language.

Heitinga had taken a 2 years Spanish course so Heitinga is not coming just like many others football stars that starts playing football in another country Heitinga already can speak the language. Heitinga is a little sorry that he dint brings Ajax to the Champions League before he moved to Atletico Madrid but now Heitinga hopes he can do something big with Atletico Madrid.

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Milan has had a lot of Dutch football stars in there football club.

The former Dutch football stars in Milan.

In Milan have there always been some great Dutch football players, the 3 flying Dutch men, Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit og Frank Rijkaard, this was in the earlier 1990 and that was at the same time that Milan had the fantastic four in the back line. When Milan had the flying Dutch men, they were the best and biggest football team in Europe.

The only Dutch football star in Milan today is Clarence Seedorf.

Seedorf is one of the biggest football stars in Milan today, and not just because Seedorf is a brilliant football player he is also an important man for the club outside the football pitch. Seedorf is doing a lot for a lot of people in Africa Seedorf are one of the most important people in goal4Africa.

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Rafael van der Vaart, the greatest moments in football.

Van der Vaarts greatest moments in Ajax.

Van der Vaart, gat his debut for the best football team in Ajax on the 19 April 2000, this was when football started for van der Vaart, and this was when the fans started loving van der Vaart. On the 15 September 2000, van der Vaart scored his first goal for Ajax and that is a goal he will always remember. On May 2004 van der Vaart lifted the football trophy, as a captain when Ajax won the Eredivisie league title.

The greatest football moments in Hamburg.

In the first season in Hamburg van der Vaart was the team’s top scorer and he was one of the best in a season when Hamburg gat number 3 in the Bundesliga. Van der Vaart scored 3 goals in champion’s league in 3 matches. In his 3 season van der Vaart was named as team captain for the football team and that was a big honor for van der Vaart. 

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Clarence Seedorf has played many years in Milan.

Seedorf moves from Inter Milan to Milan.

The move to Milan was hard for Seedorf, because you just don’t move from Inter Milan to Milan. Some of the games Seedorf has played against Inter the fans have been hard to Seedorf, the fans are shouting to him and many of the Inter fans hates Seedorf for the change, it is just not a change you make in football.

The time in Milan at this point.

Seedorf loves to play for Milan and maybe he is going to play in Milan for the rest of his carrier, but Seedorf has earlier said that he would love to play in the Premier League. So far Seedorf has played 189 matches and scored 30 goals split over 6 years. Seedorf has won the Champions League 2 time with Milan and Seedorf has won the Serie A 1 time. Seedorf has also won the Coppa Italia 1 time with Milan.

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Clarence Seedorf: football started in Ajax.

Another big carrier started in Ajax.

Seedorf started his football carrier in Ajax when he was just 16 years and 242 days old when he gat his debut on the best team I Ajax. That makes Seedorf the youngest football player ever had his debut on the first team in Ajax. Seedorf still have this record and they have bin a lot of talent after Seedorf, just look at Sneijder, van der Vaart, Heitinga and a lot more players.

Clarence Seedorf won a lot with Ajax.

Seedorf won his first Champions league when he was just 19 years old and at that time he newer new, that he should win this tournament so many times. Already then he was one of the most important players on the team. Seedorf won the Netherlands football championship the ere division 2 times in his time in Ajax, and maybe he is going to win more titles with Ajax.

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Rafael van der Vaart: Russia a better team.

Rafael van der Vaart thinks the defeat was against a better football team.

In the match against Russia the Dutch football team played a bag game, and Russia fully deserved the victory and now van der Vaart hopes that the Russian football team can go all the way to the finals. Russia could have won the football match bigger said van der Vaart they had a lot of chances to score some more goals and they just played better than the Dutch team said van der Vaart.

Life will go on for Dutch football.

Van der Vaart thinks the Dutch football team has played a good Euro 2008, and he will look back with a lot of good memory and some bad memory. In the first 3 games we played good but in the last game against the Russian team we played bad but we has shoed that we can play some good football in the Netherlands and he sees a great future for the Dutch football team.

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The Netherlands stars are done in the Euro 2008.

Wesley Sneijder had a bad day in Basel.

Sneijder is a sad man he had one of the worst feelings after the football match against Russia, and Sneijder is so sad today. Sneijder had one of the worst days in his football carrier I saw the match and I didn’t think that Sneijder got a lot out of the game. He played one of his worst football matches for the Dutch football team, and now the Dutch football team are out of the Euro 2008.

Sneijder lost the wining feeling.

Sneijder and the rest of the Dutch football team played like they were a fried for the big Russian football players, and throe all of the match you cut see it. Sneijder said after the match that, the team couldn’t relax and they newer found the fielding they had against Italy and France.

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Wesley Sneijder what do you do between the games?

Sneijder likes to see some film and series.

Sneijder is maybe the only one of the Dutch football players, who hasn’t got any DVD’s with him, but a lot of the team mats have a lot of film and some series, and it is not a problem to loan them. As Sneijder said to his official website; I usually just borrow them from my teammates. I can always knock on the door of Demy de Zeeuw, Arjen Robben or Dirk Kuyt, as they always seem to have the latest films and DVDs.

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Wesley Sneijder gat the rest he will need later in the tournament.

Wesley Sneijder was on the bench.

Sneijder, van der Vaart and a lot more players had a day of, in the game against Rumania, but still the Dutch football team manages to win the game against Romania with 2-0 and this shows that even when they play with the reserves the Dutch football team will always win. Sneijder enjoyed sitting and seeing that the team had the match under control.

9 players were from the reserves.

Along with Sneijder on the bench sat 8 more football players from the lineup against France and Italy, But the players wanted to win the match, because as Sneijder said winners always want to win football matches. When you have reserves like Robben, van Persie and Heitinga you can win all football matches.

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Sneijder and van der Vaart are having fun.

Rafael van der Vaart wants to have some fun.

After the match against France, van der Vaart said to the official web site:
Sometimes we forget to play football, that’s when things get difficult for us. Then again, this result compensates for everything. Football is all about having fun. And if you beat France 4-1, that means you must be having lots of fun. It’s just wonderful to be part of this.

Wesley Sneijder Played perfect again.

Sneijder played a perfect game against the French, and can he do that again in the quarterfinals and maybe the Semifinals and the final then we have some good chances to win this Euro 2008. Sneijder and van der Vaart have been looking like 2 little boys in the first 2 matches and Sneijder is so happy because the Dutch football team has been playing so good.

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