The Netherlands stars are done in the Euro 2008.

Wesley Sneijder had a bad day in Basel.

Sneijder is a sad man he had one of the worst feelings after the football match against Russia, and Sneijder is so sad today. Sneijder had one of the worst days in his football carrier I saw the match and I didn’t think that Sneijder got a lot out of the game. He played one of his worst football matches for the Dutch football team, and now the Dutch football team are out of the Euro 2008.

Sneijder lost the wining feeling.

Sneijder and the rest of the Dutch football team played like they were a fried for the big Russian football players, and throe all of the match you cut see it. Sneijder said after the match that, the team couldn’t relax and they newer found the fielding they had against Italy and France.

Sneijder apologised to the fans in the Netherlands.

Sneijder now that the fans are very disappointed and he would like to apologise to the fans for the huge shame the fans most feel right now and he is very sorry. The fans had seen 3 matches where the Dutch football team and Sneijder in the 2 games controlled the matches, and now it is the end for the Dutch football team.

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