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Rafael van der Vaart is now in the white Real Madrid football shirt.

A new chapter in football will be written for van der Vaart.

Now van der Vaart is changing from Hamburg to Real Madrid, and that is a big dream coming true. Van der Vaart has always wanted to play in Spain and now he is going to do so, and I think that van der Vaart will be a star in Spain and Real Madrid just like he was in Hamburg and Ajax.

A lot of rumors ended in a transfer with Real Madrid.

There have been a lot of rumors in the press, about where van der Vaart shoot play football and Valencia was the best bid last year when van der Vaart had his picture taken in a Valencia football shirt. And that made van der Vaart very unpopular in Hamburg, but then van der Vaart didn’t make the move and the fans loved him again.

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Heitinga loves to live in Spain and loves to play for Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga feels completely at home already.

When Heitinga left the Netherlands and headed for Span, Heitinga hoped that he would like the country and now after a little time Heitinga loves to live in Spain. Heitinga took the car to Spain because he would have his 2 dogs with him. Heitinga loves his place and hope to stay there for many years.

Heitinga can speak the language.

Heitinga had taken a 2 years Spanish course so Heitinga is not coming just like many others football stars that starts playing football in another country Heitinga already can speak the language. Heitinga is a little sorry that he dint brings Ajax to the Champions League before he moved to Atletico Madrid but now Heitinga hopes he can do something big with Atletico Madrid.

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Rafael van der Vaart, the greatest moments in football.

Van der Vaarts greatest moments in Ajax.

Van der Vaart, gat his debut for the best football team in Ajax on the 19 April 2000, this was when football started for van der Vaart, and this was when the fans started loving van der Vaart. On the 15 September 2000, van der Vaart scored his first goal for Ajax and that is a goal he will always remember. On May 2004 van der Vaart lifted the football trophy, as a captain when Ajax won the Eredivisie league title.

The greatest football moments in Hamburg.

In the first season in Hamburg van der Vaart was the team’s top scorer and he was one of the best in a season when Hamburg gat number 3 in the Bundesliga. Van der Vaart scored 3 goals in champion’s league in 3 matches. In his 3 season van der Vaart was named as team captain for the football team and that was a big honor for van der Vaart. 

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Wesley Sneijder, the greatest moments in his life.

Wesley Sneijder, the greatest football moments in Ajax.

As a young football player Sneijder made his debut on the Ajax football first team, Sneijder made his debut on the 2 February 2003 and even then where he was a young player Sneijder was made the free kicks expert and then the fans took Sneijder to there hearts. On the 13 April 2003 Sneijder made his first goal for Ajax in the Champions League qualifiers against Austrian club AK Graz. In May 2004 Sneijder lifted the league trophy after winning the Eredivisie title with Ajax.

Wesley Sneijder, my private moments.

One of biggest moment in Sneijders life most in July 2004 this was the day Sneijder meat his future wife Ramona for the first time. And they were married on the 18 June 2005 at a big wedding with a lot of gests. The biggest moment in Sneijders life was on the 4 September 2006 when Sneijders son Jessey was born, this is the biggest moment in my life has Sneijder said.

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Clarence Seedorf: football started in Ajax.

Another big carrier started in Ajax.

Seedorf started his football carrier in Ajax when he was just 16 years and 242 days old when he gat his debut on the best team I Ajax. That makes Seedorf the youngest football player ever had his debut on the first team in Ajax. Seedorf still have this record and they have bin a lot of talent after Seedorf, just look at Sneijder, van der Vaart, Heitinga and a lot more players.

Clarence Seedorf won a lot with Ajax.

Seedorf won his first Champions league when he was just 19 years old and at that time he newer new, that he should win this tournament so many times. Already then he was one of the most important players on the team. Seedorf won the Netherlands football championship the ere division 2 times in his time in Ajax, and maybe he is going to win more titles with Ajax.

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Wesley Sneijder was an expensive football player.

Ajax made a good price for Wesley Sneijder

When Ajax got Sneijder to the club they didn’t pay anything because Sneijder started in the club when he was 7 years old. So when Real Madrid bought him in 2007 it was a good price Ajax got for Sneijder. In many years Sneijder had shown that he was worth the salary he was paid in Ajax.

Wesley Sneijder is the second most expensive player in Dutch football.

When Wesley Sneijder moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2007 for an estimated transfer fee of 27 million euros, he broke the Ajax transfer record, and became the second most expensive player in Dutch football history (after Ruud van Nistelrooy who cost 30 million euros when he moved from PSV Eindhoven to Manchester United in 2001).

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Rafael van der Vaart is a very important player for the Dutch football team.

Made 2 assist in the last game.

Van der Vaart played a perfect match for the Dutch football team, he made 2 assist, and he controlled the midfield. For the national football team van der Vaart plays an attacking central midfielder but in HSV he plays the man behind the one striker. Rafael van der Vaart is happy to play the midfielder on the national football team.

We can do it, says van der Vaart.

Rafael van der Vaart thinks the Dutch football team can win the European Championship, because they have a good team with a lot of talent and some old players. I most say that I agree with van der Vaart, I have made a bet with a friend about what football team that gets the fastest, the Dutch team or the German football team.

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Heitingas time in Ajax.

The beginning of Heitinga’s career.

Heitinga was part of the Ajax youth setup as well as many other players on the Ajax team. He was 17 years old when he made his debut for the first team in Ajax on 26th of August 2001 against Feyenoord Rotterdam. Heitinga can play many places in the field, central defender, right-back and defensive midfielder, so he is a very all round player. He quickly established himself as an important player on the team.

Heitinga and injuries.

Heitinga was a strong addition to the team and he became first-choice player under Coach Co Adriaanse and later Ronald Koeman. He was the first choice until he suffered an injury with his knee, and the injury kept him on the side line for six month.  He had a very short comeback caused by the fact that he was injured again after one game, and this injury sentenced him to a very long break from football to recover from the injury.
He made his second comeback at the start of the 2003-04 season. He impressed everyone in the first game and from there on he was the first-choice central defender for the rest of the season.

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The beginning of Wesley Sneijders career as a footballer.

It all started in Ajax.

Wesley Sneijders career began in Ajax. Sneijders made his debut for Ajax in December 2002 in a 2-0 win at SBV Excelsior. He made his debut when the coach Ronald Koeman called him up caused by an injury-filled team. He was advised by Danny Blind, the then-coach of Ajax youth-squad.

A lot of goals in that midfielder.
Sneijder established himself in the role of midfield general and sometimes left winger. He is strong on the ball and his passing range is enhanced by his two-footed passing skills.Sneijder has scored 43 goals for Ajax in the League in total, and he has had 126 Apps in the total in the League for Ajax. In the Cup for Ajax he has scored 6 times and had 15 Apps.
In Europe he has scored 6 times for Ajax and had 33 Apps. This gives him a total at 174 Apps and 55 goals for Ajax in the seasons he played for them. 

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This is how football started for Rafael van der Vaart

The beginning of Rafael van der Vaart’s career.

Rafael van der Vaart was very young, ten years old, when he was enrolled in ayouth trial for Ajax Amsterdam. He has a lot of talent and it was quickly noticed,and he joined the club on a trial basis. He was soon allowed to continue to stay at the club.Van der Vaart made his debut for Ajax in the 1999-2000 season at the age of 17.They played against FC Den Bosch, and the match ended 1-1.

Rafael van der Vaart’s stay in Ajax.

Rafael van der Vaart stayed in Ajax for 6 seasons. In season 2000-01 van der Vaart’seye for attack was noticed, and he was put into the central attacking midfielder position.That year he was elected as Ajax Talent of the Year and European Talent of the Year.In season 2001-02 van der Vaart suffered a serious knee injury and he needed an operation.The operation went well, and he returned to football, but the knee was not fine, and hesuffered a more serious injury, and he was yet again operated on.The next season he suffered another series of injuries, despite of that fact he scored18 goals in 21 games.

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