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Heitinga thinks that the new football manager is good.

We have to start winning some more football games.

Heitinga and Atletico Madrid has been a disappointment this season, and Atletico Madrid is only on a 6 place in the Primera league, and that just isn’t good an of for the ambition football club in Spain. Heitinga hasn’t played his best football season, but now with the new manager Heitinga hopes that he can lift his game to a new level.

Heitinga likes the new manager in Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga said to that”The first time I saw him was good. He spoke to us and said: I’m here for the club, for myself and to do what we have to do. And that is to win games,” says John Heitinga in an exclusive video interview with Heitinga hopes that Atletico Madrid now can play better football.
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Heitinga loves to live in Spain and loves to play for Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga feels completely at home already.

When Heitinga left the Netherlands and headed for Span, Heitinga hoped that he would like the country and now after a little time Heitinga loves to live in Spain. Heitinga took the car to Spain because he would have his 2 dogs with him. Heitinga loves his place and hope to stay there for many years.

Heitinga can speak the language.

Heitinga had taken a 2 years Spanish course so Heitinga is not coming just like many others football stars that starts playing football in another country Heitinga already can speak the language. Heitinga is a little sorry that he dint brings Ajax to the Champions League before he moved to Atletico Madrid but now Heitinga hopes he can do something big with Atletico Madrid.

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Heitingas time in Ajax.

The beginning of Heitinga’s career.

Heitinga was part of the Ajax youth setup as well as many other players on the Ajax team. He was 17 years old when he made his debut for the first team in Ajax on 26th of August 2001 against Feyenoord Rotterdam. Heitinga can play many places in the field, central defender, right-back and defensive midfielder, so he is a very all round player. He quickly established himself as an important player on the team.

Heitinga and injuries.

Heitinga was a strong addition to the team and he became first-choice player under Coach Co Adriaanse and later Ronald Koeman. He was the first choice until he suffered an injury with his knee, and the injury kept him on the side line for six month.  He had a very short comeback caused by the fact that he was injured again after one game, and this injury sentenced him to a very long break from football to recover from the injury.
He made his second comeback at the start of the 2003-04 season. He impressed everyone in the first game and from there on he was the first-choice central defender for the rest of the season.

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John Gijsbert Alan Heitinga, or as we know him just Heitinga

John Gijsbert Alan Heitinga’s personal life.

Heitinga was born November 15th 1983 in Alphen aan den Rijn.
He has played as a central defender, rightback and defensive midfielder.
Some of Heitinga’s forces is that he I quick, strong and he has a good general view,
over the pitch.  He has recently signed a five-year contract with Atlético Madrid.
He plays for the Dutch National Football Team and Ajax, soon Atlético Madrid.

The beginning of Heitinga’s career

Heitinga started in Ajax where he was a part of the Ajax Youth setup
before making his debut for the team in August 2001. He quickly established himself
as a strong player and an addition to the football team. Heitinga has had a lot of
injures in the knee, and therefore his really breakthrough vas some years on the way. H
eitinga was a very unlucky man because when he returned after 6 months break,
Heitinga gat a new injury in the first match he participated in.

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