John Gijsbert Alan Heitinga, or as we know him just Heitinga

John Gijsbert Alan Heitinga’s personal life.

Heitinga was born November 15th 1983 in Alphen aan den Rijn.
He has played as a central defender, rightback and defensive midfielder.
Some of Heitinga’s forces is that he I quick, strong and he has a good general view,
over the pitch.  He has recently signed a five-year contract with Atlético Madrid.
He plays for the Dutch National Football Team and Ajax, soon Atlético Madrid.

The beginning of Heitinga’s career

Heitinga started in Ajax where he was a part of the Ajax Youth setup
before making his debut for the team in August 2001. He quickly established himself
as a strong player and an addition to the football team. Heitinga has had a lot of
injures in the knee, and therefore his really breakthrough vas some years on the way. H
eitinga was a very unlucky man because when he returned after 6 months break,
Heitinga gat a new injury in the first match he participated in.

A new chapter in the life.

Now Atletico Madrid has bought Heitinga and all the fans a waiting on his arrival,
and they are hoping that he can make a difference, for the team. Because Heitinga
can play a lot of positions on the football pitch he is a very good man to have in the
football club.

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