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Galatasaray and Lincoln are ready for the Uefa cup group stage.

Lincoln plays good football in this season. Lincoln has had a good start at the football season with Galatasaray and played almost every minute in the first matches and making a lot of assists. Lincoln is maybe one of the best football players in Turkic right now and Lincoln has a good teamwork with the new striker Milan Baros and together they will take Galatasaray far in this football season. Lincoln wants to win the Uefa cup. One of the targets for Lincoln is to play in the Uefa cup final and if Galatasaray get that fare they will win it and then send out a massage that they can play football in Turkic. The first step was to go to the group stage and now it is to go further than the group stage and then hopefully win the Uefa cup.  Lincoln loves Galatasaray and the fans. Lincoln loves to play football in Galatasaray, and he loves the football fans because they are taking the football team far and they are backing the team and seeing every match they can see. The fans applauded Lincoln when he gat a penalty, and then Lincoln let Baros scoot it, that is something they like in that football club.