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Ronaldo is back and Champion.

Ronaldo is Brazilian Champion.

Ronaldo and Corinthians won the Sau Paulo championship in football and now Ronaldo is back to play again. Ronaldo has scored many goals in the last games and he is one his way to play football just we like to see Ronaldo play. I love to see Ronaldo play football and I like that he is back to play some good football.

Is Ronaldo going back to play football in Europe?

I would like to see Ronaldo back to the Brazilian football team again, and even more see Ronaldo back to a football club in Europe Ronaldo is good an of to play in some of the miner clubs in Europe and I hope that he will play here again.
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Ronaldo: No return to Europe.

No return to Europe.

Ronaldo loves to play football in Brazil and Ronaldo doesn’t have any intentions to go back to Europe to play football he wants to end his football carrier in Brazil. I think that it is a shame because I would like to see Ronaldo play again. Ronaldo is just come back from another knee injury.

Ronaldo said to his personal homepage:

“I do not have the intention of returning to Europe. I think of wanting to finish my career here in Corinthians. Going back to Brazil is a decision I do not regret. I love it. It’s also very different and a big challenge,” Sais Ronaldo.
I hope that Ronaldo will come back to Europe to play again, but for Ronaldo it is properly best to stay in Brazil. The Brazilian football fans love Ronaldo and he will properly stay to the end of his football carrier.
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Ronaldo is soon ready again to play football.

Ronaldo is going with Corinthians

On Sunday Ronaldo is going with Corinthians to the football game against Noroeste on Wednesday, Ronaldo is not going to play, but he has to travel with the team to the football match, so he can be with the football team, and feel more as one of the team.

Ronaldo is soon ready to play football.

In about 14 days Ronaldo is going to be ready to play football again, and maybe Ronaldo will be back to play the football game against Palmeiras. This means Ronaldo could make his debut against Corinthians’ biggest rival in Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, in the Sao Paulo State Championship match on March 8 or three days later in a home game against Sao Caetano.
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Christiano Ronaldo is the best football player in 2008.

Christiano Ronaldo is the best football player.

On the 11 of January Christiano Ronaldo was honored as the best football player in 2008 and there can’t be a lot of people in the world of football who wouldn’t agree with that honor for Christiano Ronaldo. In 2008 Christiano Ronaldo has been the perfect football player the only thing that Christiano Ronaldo hasn’t won is the European championship with Portugal. 

Christiano Ronaldo has won it all.

With Manchester Unitet Christiano Ronaldo has won it all, Manchester Unitet won the Premier League, the Champions League and last but not least Manchester Unitet and Christiano Ronaldo wan the World championship for football clubs. So with his football club Christiano Ronaldo has won it all in 2008.
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Ronaldo verses Zidane. The football match against poverty.

Fight for poverty.

Ronaldo is coming from one of the pour places is Brazil and again this year Ronaldo and Zidane, is playing a football match against poverty. Some of the best players in the world will play on Ronaldos ore on Zidanes football team, the game will be played in Morocco and the football game will bring in maybe 1.000.000 euro for the pour in the world.

Ronaldo has a goal.

The goal for that football match is to make some money for the pour and Ronaldo, Zidane and the organizers behind match against poverty are all hoping that the football match will bring over 1.000.000 euro for the pour. The money will be used in many different types of places. There can be 45.000 spectators at the Stade Complexe Sportif in Fez and 10.000 tickets will be given for free to some of the kids in the town.
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Ronaldinho comes to Milan to play football.

Ronaldinho is of the greatest Brazilians football players.Ronaldinho is one of the greatest football players in the world, when he is in shape and when the coach truest on Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho can play the wonderful kind of football as we all wants to see. Ronaldinho can play football with booth feeds and he can do a lot of things with a football, Ronaldinho has a wonderful technique.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players have played in Milan.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players play football in Milan or they have played football in Milan. This is Brazilian football players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Serginho and Cafu. This is just some of the biggest Brazilian football stars that had played football in Milan, they is a lot more Brazilian football players who has played football in Milan. Continue reading

Robinhos mom got kidnapped.

This is how football started for Robinho.
Robinho signed the first professional contract, in 2002 then he where 18 years old. The club is Santos Futebol Clube, and it is from Brazilian. In the first season, Robinho played football for Santos he played 24 matches and he scored 9 goals. Santos won with the help and goals from Robinho the Campeonato Brasileiro already in Robinhos first season Robinho played for the club. The 2004 season in Santos was the best for Robinho he played 37 matches and he scored 21 goals.
Difficult to hold Robinho in Santos.
In the summer of 2004, Santos new that they hat a very good player in Robinho, and if they could keep him at the club for a extra season, more clubs would show there interest in this young football player. Santos turns a lot of European down. But in the summer of 2005, Real Madrid bout Robinho for €24.000.000.

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Robinho or Ronaldo?

What is the deferens between Robinho and Ronaldo?
If you look at Robinho and Ronaldo in the best shape they can be, what is the deference between these 2 great Brazilian football players? Robinho is the little quick man, who, nobody can catch on the wing, and Ronaldo is a bit bigger and Ronaldo is not as quick as Robinho. Robinho can play on all plaices on the midfield, both Robinho is best at a wing. Ronaldo is the perfect target man and he has eye for the goal. Robinho is not good in front, because he is not the born striker.

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