Christian Poulsen is staying in Juventus.

Juventus wants Christian Poulsen to stay.

Now that Juventus has sold another midfielder they needs Christian Poulsen to stay in the football club, and he has to stay because they need to have a lot of players in the team for the football season in Serie A. But why is it not Christian Poulsen who leaved Juventus? Now Christian Poulsen is only going to sit on the bench in Juventus.

Why has Christian Poulsen not left Juventus?

Christian Poulsen is a proud football player and just because the football club he is playing in doesn’t want him he is not the type to give up and leave. Christian Poulsen wants to stay and fight for his place on one of the biggest football teams in the world. But maybe it will be an impossibly mission, and maybe Christian Poulsen will then leave Juventus in Januarys transfer. 

There have been a lot of rumors about Christian Poulsen.

Christian Poulsen has been on his way to Turkic and England, but hi is still in Juventus a lot of football clubs wanted Christian Poulsen but he wanted to stay in Juventus. Fulham, Liverpool and Fenerbache are some of the clubs that has said that they wanted Christian Poulsen.

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