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Robinho, also great in computer games.

I often buy Robinho.

When I play Championship Manager I always try to buy Robinho. It is often difficult because of the fact that Real Madrid is asking for a lot of money for their players. In the game Robinho is one of the most expensive players and one of the best players, just as it is in the real world today. When you chose to manage Real Madrid you already have Robinho on the team, and he always plays well.

What can Robinho not do in the Championship Manager game?

I think that Championship Manager is one of the most realistic manager games. The players can the same in the game and in the real world, and what they can not do they can not do in the real world. Robinho can not cover one player in a game in the real world and he can not do that in the game either where his character is 9 of 20, he can not tackle here he also have a 9. Robinho is not the born leader in the real world or in the game where his character is 10 of 20.

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Rafael van der Vaart, in Championship manager.

What can van der Vaart do in the game?

In the game and in real life van der Vaart have a unique first touch, where he get an 18 out of 20, van der Vaarts passing is also perfect here he get a 18 out of 20, and that is like the real life. And when his dribbling is to a 16 this are some of the reasons why you shall bay Rafael van der Vaart.

What can van der Vaart not in the game?

Rafael van der Vaart can’t jump, and in the game he is a slacker with strength at 8 and a bravery at 10 this is one of the things that is not right in this game, because er Vaart is a strong payer in real life. In the game van der Vaart has a dead ball number of 9 out of 20 and that is very wrong because he is one of the best in that area.

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Wesley Sneijder in Championship Manager.

Wesley Sneijder is the perfect midfielder.

In Championship Manager Sneijder is one of the best men to have on the team, he always plays good and there is never any complaining from him. The only thing Wesley Sneijder complains over is when Real Madrid sells some of the best players, and that is Ruud van Nistelroy, he is offended sold to Chelsea.

What is it that Wesley Sneijder can do in the game? 

As in the real life Wesley Sneijder have a perfect long shot and his dead ball make him the first choice to take the free kicks. Sneijders passing is like in the real world perfect, and his crossing is also perfect. Wesley Sneijder is one of the most creativity players in the world and he is also a very good to this in the game.

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