Wesley Sneijder in Championship Manager.

Wesley Sneijder is the perfect midfielder.

In Championship Manager Sneijder is one of the best men to have on the team, he always plays good and there is never any complaining from him. The only thing Wesley Sneijder complains over is when Real Madrid sells some of the best players, and that is Ruud van Nistelroy, he is offended sold to Chelsea.

What is it that Wesley Sneijder can do in the game? 

As in the real life Wesley Sneijder have a perfect long shot and his dead ball make him the first choice to take the free kicks. Sneijders passing is like in the real world perfect, and his crossing is also perfect. Wesley Sneijder is one of the most creativity players in the world and he is also a very good to this in the game.

What can Wesley Sneijder not in the game?

In the game Wesley Sneijder is a terrible marker, but in the real world he can mark a man because he is so quick, they cant run from him. Sneijder can’t jump or head, and in his time as an football player Sneijder is not the man ho makes must goals with the head. In the game they said that he can positioning but this is a lye, I think this is one of the great qualities Sneijder have as an football

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