Rafael van der Vaart is a very important player for the Dutch football team.

Made 2 assist in the last game.

Van der Vaart played a perfect match for the Dutch football team, he made 2 assist, and he controlled the midfield. For the national football team van der Vaart plays an attacking central midfielder but in HSV he plays the man behind the one striker. Rafael van der Vaart is happy to play the midfielder on the national football team.

We can do it, says van der Vaart.

Rafael van der Vaart thinks the Dutch football team can win the European Championship, because they have a good team with a lot of talent and some old players. I most say that I agree with van der Vaart, I have made a bet with a friend about what football team that gets the fastest, the Dutch team or the German football team.

Rafael van der Vaart has been the captain.

One of the greatest moments for Rafael van der Vaart was when he was chosen to be the captain for the Dutch football team. This is the greatest honor for a football player to go in front of his country. Rafael van der Vaart hopes that he in the future, can be the perfect captain.

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