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Christian Poulsen and Denmark is going to win over Sweden.

On Saturday Christian Poulsen is going to play some good football.

Christian Poulsen and the rest of the Danish football team is all going to play some good football on Saturday when they are going to play against Sweden. Denmark is leading the group with 3 point to Sweden and we have to win to be qualified, it is one of the most important games in many years in Denmark and also for Christian Poulsen who has had a hard start in Juventus.

Christian Poulsen hasn’t played a lot in Juventus.

The start of this football season hasn’t been going just like Christian Poulsen wanted it to go. But in the bright light Christian Poulsen stayed in Juventus and he is playing some football, but not as moth as he would like to play. But Christian Poulsen is playing and that is more than a lot of football fans were hoping.
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Rafael van der Vaart, the greatest moments in football.

Van der Vaarts greatest moments in Ajax.

Van der Vaart, gat his debut for the best football team in Ajax on the 19 April 2000, this was when football started for van der Vaart, and this was when the fans started loving van der Vaart. On the 15 September 2000, van der Vaart scored his first goal for Ajax and that is a goal he will always remember. On May 2004 van der Vaart lifted the football trophy, as a captain when Ajax won the Eredivisie league title.

The greatest football moments in Hamburg.

In the first season in Hamburg van der Vaart was the team’s top scorer and he was one of the best in a season when Hamburg gat number 3 in the Bundesliga. Van der Vaart scored 3 goals in champion’s league in 3 matches. In his 3 season van der Vaart was named as team captain for the football team and that was a big honor for van der Vaart. 

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Robinho wants to stay in Real Madrid.

Robinho loves the club.

Robinho loves to stay in Real Madrid and he doesn’t want to move to another football club. Robinho has told his trainer and technical director that he wants to stay in Real Madrid because as Robinho said to the official homepage: I’m very happy in Spain and I’m not interested in playing anywhere else.  Robinho counts on that the club won’t sell him and that he is going to play In Real Madrid for many years.

What football clubs wants Robinho?

The 2 clubs I hear mostly mentioned is Chelsea and Manchester Unitet, Chelsea wants to pay about 36.000.000 Euro for Robinho and Real Madrid wants to change Robinho to Manchester Unitet so they will sell Christiano Ronaldo.  But a star like Robinho is there always a big club who wants to bay, but Robinho is in the biggest club and he doesn’t want to move.

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Rafael van der Vaart’s international football career.

The beginning of Rafael van der Vaart’s international football career.

Rafael van der Vaart made his international football debut against Andorra on October sixth 2001 at the age of 18. Van der Vaart played a prominently part in a number of qualifying matches. Van der Vaart was a member of the Dutch team in the Euro 2004 football tournament and also the 2006 World Cup. Van der Vaart was out of luck when it came to the final tournament, he did not play much in the tournament.

Euro 2004

The Dutch did not play well during the opening game of Euro 2004, and that fact persuaded the coach to change formation into one which did not include van der Vaart to play. Van der Vaart was reduced to play a bit-part role at Euro 2004 in spite of his big talent.
The next season in the Bundesliga van der Vaart produced some superlative performances, and it seemed that Rafael van der Vaart was finally going to shine on the big stage at the 2006 World Cup.

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Wesley Sneijders career on the Dutch National Team.

The first game was magic for Sneijder.

Wesley Sneijder debuted with the Netherlands under 21 team against Czech Republic in March 2003.
Sneijders first game with the Dutch National Team was against Portugal in April that same year. Sneijder became the eighth youngest man to play for Holland in the history. In the first match Sneijder showed that he was more than just a talented young boy. In the national team Sneijder played on the wing because he is so good with both legs.

Wesley Sneijder and Euro 2004.

Wesley Sneijder and the Dutch National Team reached the Euro 2004 semi-finals. He began the competition on the bench, but he was soon on the field and in the starting eleven. He scored two goals. And Sneijder was one of the best players in the tournament. It was in this tournament Sneijder vent from talent to star.

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