Robinho wants to stay in Real Madrid.

Robinho loves the club.

Robinho loves to stay in Real Madrid and he doesn’t want to move to another football club. Robinho has told his trainer and technical director that he wants to stay in Real Madrid because as Robinho said to the official homepage: I’m very happy in Spain and I’m not interested in playing anywhere else.  Robinho counts on that the club won’t sell him and that he is going to play In Real Madrid for many years.

What football clubs wants Robinho?

The 2 clubs I hear mostly mentioned is Chelsea and Manchester Unitet, Chelsea wants to pay about 36.000.000 Euro for Robinho and Real Madrid wants to change Robinho to Manchester Unitet so they will sell Christiano Ronaldo.  But a star like Robinho is there always a big club who wants to bay, but Robinho is in the biggest club and he doesn’t want to move.


Robinho is a busy man.

Right now Robinho is with the national team in football and he are playing booth World Cup qualification and Robinho is training to go to he Olympics and play football for Brazil. It will be a busy summer for Robinho and he will not get a lot of vacation. When the Olympics are done then the Primera Division starts and Robinho must be a tired football player.

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