Clarence Seedorf has played many years in Milan.

Seedorf moves from Inter Milan to Milan.

The move to Milan was hard for Seedorf, because you just don’t move from Inter Milan to Milan. Some of the games Seedorf has played against Inter the fans have been hard to Seedorf, the fans are shouting to him and many of the Inter fans hates Seedorf for the change, it is just not a change you make in football.

The time in Milan at this point.

Seedorf loves to play for Milan and maybe he is going to play in Milan for the rest of his carrier, but Seedorf has earlier said that he would love to play in the Premier League. So far Seedorf has played 189 matches and scored 30 goals split over 6 years. Seedorf has won the Champions League 2 time with Milan and Seedorf has won the Serie A 1 time. Seedorf has also won the Coppa Italia 1 time with Milan.

How is it going to end for Seedorf in Milan?

Seedorf is one of the most important players in Milan, he is the one who is controlling the midfield and he is playing very well with Kaka. The rumors is saying that Milan wants to bay Ronaldinho, but if he comes Seedorf will not give him the number 10, that number is belonging to Seedorf in Milan.

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