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Robinho is going to play football in Denmark tonight.

Robinho is in Denmark.

Robinho and the rest of the Manchester City football team is in Denmark right now, Manchester City is going to play football against FC.Copenhagen and it is going to bee a good game to play. Robinho hopes that Manchester City can win the football match, but if they don’t play good they can lose the football game in Denmark.

There are now favorites in football said Robinho to

Robinho admits he knows nothing about City’s UEFA Cup opponents FC Copenhagen. But if we don’t play well, we may lose, he says.
But the Brazilian ace also says that he respects the Danish side.
”Current football doesn’t have favorites. Manchester City may win over any club, but if we don’t play well, we can also lose to any club,” Robinho says to
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Robinho is going to Denmark.

Robinho is going to play football in Denmark.

On of the biggest football stars at this time Robinho is going to play football in Denmark and it will be a fabulous opportunity for the Danish football fans to see some of the biggest football stars in Europe. Robinho has been out with an injury but now Robinho is back again.

Who are Robinho and Manchester City going to play football against?

The Danish football club that Robinho and Manchester City is going to play against is one of the biggest and most wealthy football clubs in Denmark. The club is playing in the Danish capital and the name of the club is FCK (Football Club København) If there is any football club in Denmark that is going to have a chance to beet Manchester City it most bee FCK.
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I will not sell Luis Fabiano.

Luis Fabiano is important.

Sevilla president Del Nido says Luis Fabiano is too important to be sold, I don’t need the money I will rather have Luis Fabiano on my football team. We will not sell Luis Fabiano because he is a very important football player for the football team and for the city Sevilla. But maybe Sevilla will get an offer in the summer that they cant refuse.

Who will bay Luis Fabiano?

They are always a lot of rumors in the football world, and there are also many rumors around Luis Fabiano. One of the football clubs that wants to bay Luis Fabiano is Manchester City who have the football boss with a lot of money, he Sais that he can bay what ever football player he wants. And now that Real Madrid has appointed the former Sevilla manager Juan Ramos maybe Real Madrid will bay Luis Fabiano.
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Manchester city is the new home of the Brazilians.

There are 4 Brazilian national football players in Manchester City.

Manchester City Have 4 Brazilian football players and all 4 have played for the Brazilian national football team, and the 3 of them have been selected for the matches in the next month. The 4 football players is Jo, Elano, Glauber Berti and last the biggest star in Manchester right now that is Robinho.

Robinho is the biggest star in Manchester right now.

In Manchester there is 2 big football clubs, the biggest have always been united but after city has bought Robinho, city is showing that they wants to play with the big football clubs. Robinho is just the first of many big stars that is going to play for city and not united. Robinho will be the name that city will enter the market with because Robinho is a big football star.

Will Manchester City have some more Brazilian football players?

Well I told you so: About Rafael van der Vaart, Wesley Sneijder and Robinho.

Robinho sold to Manchester City.

As all the rumors said Robinho wanted to leave Real Madrid and now he gat it he’s way.  Robinho made a 40 Million Euro move to Manchester City, making him the most expensive player in English football. I don’t understand that a football player will move from Real Madrid to Manchester City, it most properly is the money, and the chance to be the biggest star in a football club. 

Is it good for Real Madrid?

It is never good for a football club to lose one of the stars in the club, but if you have a star that doesn’t wants to play for the football club then it is the best if you let him leave the football club. An unhappy football player is newer going to play op to his best. Real Madrid has so many stars so it is not so bad to lose Robinho. Real Madrid has players like Sneijder and van der Vaart, but now Sneijder is injured but he will be back again for Real Madrid.

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Robinho is going to play football for Manchester City.

Robinho to Manchester City

Robinho has made his move, but it was not to the English football club that he said ore the football club everybody expected that Robinho would sign a contract with, Robinho has signed a contract with Manchester City in the last seconds of the transfer opening. Robinho has earlier said that he would play for Chelsea and now ells but now Robinho will play football for Manchester City.

What has Manchester City paid Real Madrid for Robinho?

Manchester City has made Robinho to the most expensive player ever in English football. To get Robinho Manchester City has paid estimated at £32.5 million (approximately 40 million Euros) and now there is a big responsibility on Robinhos scolders to show that he is worth that kind of money. That is a big thing for a still young football player and I hope that Robinho can do it.

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