I will not sell Luis Fabiano.

Luis Fabiano is important.

Sevilla president Del Nido says Luis Fabiano is too important to be sold, I don’t need the money I will rather have Luis Fabiano on my football team. We will not sell Luis Fabiano because he is a very important football player for the football team and for the city Sevilla. But maybe Sevilla will get an offer in the summer that they cant refuse.

Who will bay Luis Fabiano?

They are always a lot of rumors in the football world, and there are also many rumors around Luis Fabiano. One of the football clubs that wants to bay Luis Fabiano is Manchester City who have the football boss with a lot of money, he Sais that he can bay what ever football player he wants. And now that Real Madrid has appointed the former Sevilla manager Juan Ramos maybe Real Madrid will bay Luis Fabiano.

This is exiting to follow.

I don’t now if Luis Fabiano will leave the football club Sevilla to play for Manchester City in England, but in Manchester city there maybe will play a lot of Brazilian football players after January ore maybe after the summer transfer window. Manchester City will have Kaka and Ronaldo so wee
will see what happens in January.

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