Van der Vaart is not use to sit on the bench.

Van der Vaart most gets use to the bench.

It is not always easy to sit on the bench for van der Vaart but in a football club like Real Madrid, even the biggest football stars most sit on the bench. I most say that bigger football stars than van der Vaart has been sitting on the bench in Real Madrid and he is properly not the last football stars that have to sit on the bench in Real Madrid.

I most get use to it Sais van der Vaart to

It’s not easy because I’m used to play every game. But when you come to a club like Real Madrid you sometime have to. It’s not a problem, but I have to get used to it,” says Rafael van der Vaart in an interview with

There are a lot of injuries in Real Madrid.

With football stars like Sneijder and van Nistelroy out with a injury, van der Vaart has
properly played much more than he was planed to play. And the new football trainer Sergio Ramos has said that he wants to have 2 and maybe 3 more players and then there will be more competition for van der Vaart.

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