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Can Robinho win the Olympic Games?

Robinho is going to the Olympic Games.

Robinho is one of two players over the age of 23 the Brazilian National Team coach Dunga has chosen for the team to play in the Olympic Games 2008. All teams can chose three players over the age of 23, and Robinho and Juan are chosen, these two players are very important for the team. There are also other great players on the team such as Renan (Internacional), Rafinha (Schalke 04, Breno (Bayern M√ľnchen), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Lucas (Liverpool), Anderson (Manchester United) and Alexandre Pato (AC Milan) and the biggest star over them all Robinho from Milan.

Can Brazil win the Olympic Games?

With help from great stars and a burning wish to show, that the Brazilian Team also can win medals at the Olympic Games the team players are very eager to show how they can play soccer. Brazil has not won a lot of medals at the Olympic Games until now. The Team has a great chance to win in my opinion with the players they have on the team and with help from Robinho and the others.

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Ronaldinho comes to Milan to play football.

Ronaldinho is of the greatest Brazilians football players.Ronaldinho is one of the greatest football players in the world, when he is in shape and when the coach truest on Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho can play the wonderful kind of football as we all wants to see. Ronaldinho can play football with booth feeds and he can do a lot of things with a football, Ronaldinho has a wonderful technique.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players have played in Milan.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players play football in Milan or they have played football in Milan. This is Brazilian football players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Serginho and Cafu. This is just some of the biggest Brazilian football stars that had played football in Milan, they is a lot more Brazilian football players who has played football in Milan. Continue reading