Ronaldinho comes to Milan to play football.

Ronaldinho is of the greatest Brazilians football players.Ronaldinho is one of the greatest football players in the world, when he is in shape and when the coach truest on Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho can play the wonderful kind of football as we all wants to see. Ronaldinho can play football with booth feeds and he can do a lot of things with a football, Ronaldinho has a wonderful technique.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players have played in Milan.Some of the greatest Brazilians football players play football in Milan or they have played football in Milan. This is Brazilian football players like Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Serginho and Cafu. This is just some of the biggest Brazilian football stars that had played football in Milan, they is a lot more Brazilian football players who has played football in Milan. Clarence Seedorf has the number 10 shirt. I wonder what number Ronaldinho will have in Milan, because the number 10 is on Clarence Seedorf and Seedorf will not give the number away to any player, so I thinks if Ronaldinho wants the number 10 then Milan haves to sell Seedorf, and if they will sell Seedorf then a lot of football clubs will stand in line to bay Seedorf.

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