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Christian Poulsen and Denmark is going to win over Sweden.

On Saturday Christian Poulsen is going to play some good football.

Christian Poulsen and the rest of the Danish football team is all going to play some good football on Saturday when they are going to play against Sweden. Denmark is leading the group with 3 point to Sweden and we have to win to be qualified, it is one of the most important games in many years in Denmark and also for Christian Poulsen who has had a hard start in Juventus.

Christian Poulsen hasn’t played a lot in Juventus.

The start of this football season hasn’t been going just like Christian Poulsen wanted it to go. But in the bright light Christian Poulsen stayed in Juventus and he is playing some football, but not as moth as he would like to play. But Christian Poulsen is playing and that is more than a lot of football fans were hoping.
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Christian Poulsen is staying in Juventus.

Juventus wants Christian Poulsen to stay.

Now that Juventus has sold another midfielder they needs Christian Poulsen to stay in the football club, and he has to stay because they need to have a lot of players in the team for the football season in Serie A. But why is it not Christian Poulsen who leaved Juventus? Now Christian Poulsen is only going to sit on the bench in Juventus.

Why has Christian Poulsen not left Juventus?

Christian Poulsen is a proud football player and just because the football club he is playing in doesn’t want him he is not the type to give up and leave. Christian Poulsen wants to stay and fight for his place on one of the biggest football teams in the world. But maybe it will be an impossibly mission, and maybe Christian Poulsen will then leave Juventus in Januarys transfer. 
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Ronaldo is back and Champion.

Ronaldo is Brazilian Champion.

Ronaldo and Corinthians won the Sau Paulo championship in football and now Ronaldo is back to play again. Ronaldo has scored many goals in the last games and he is one his way to play football just we like to see Ronaldo play. I love to see Ronaldo play football and I like that he is back to play some good football.

Is Ronaldo going back to play football in Europe?

I would like to see Ronaldo back to the Brazilian football team again, and even more see Ronaldo back to a football club in Europe Ronaldo is good an of to play in some of the miner clubs in Europe and I hope that he will play here again.
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Rafael van der Vaart played only 20 minutes for Real Madrid.

Van der Vaart must leave Real Madrid.

I think that if van der Vaart wants to play every football game he has to move to another football club then Real Madrid. In Real Madrid there are a lot of injured football players as Wesley Sneijder but still van der Vaart doesn’t play a lot football for Real Madrid. Last night van der Vaart only played 20 minutes in the match against Barcelona.

Real Madrid lost 2-6 to Barcelona.

In one of the biggest game in football, Barcelona shows way they are going to win the Spanish Primera division. After beating Real Madrid 6-2 on Real Madrid’s home field they are now 7 point in front of Real Madrid. It was a good football game with a lot of fine goals and some good fight, but Barcelona was just the better football team that day.
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Real Madrid can still win the Primera Division.

Van der Vaart: we can still do it.

Rafael van der Vaart still thinks that Real Madrid is having a chance to win the Primera division in Spain. We won against Valladolid and that wasn’t the best football game from us. But van der Vaart still thinks that it can bee cone, but it will take some luck and Barcelona has to start playing very badly and Barcelona must loose some football games in the Primera Division.

Van der Vaart wants to play in his former football clubs.

Rafael van der Vaart considers ending his career in one of his former clubs Ajax or HSV.
”I have always said. I want to play again one time for HSV and one time for Ajax. At the end of my career I will try to do that,” says Rafael van der Vaart in an interview with

Van der Vaart hasn’t played a lot of football.

When you play in a club like Real Madrid with so many football stars, you cant expect to play every football game for the club, but van der Vaart hasn’t play a lot of games and it is not easy to bee on the team when Sneijder, Robben and Raul plays as they do right now, van der Vaart will get some more games I hope.

Ronaldo: No return to Europe.

No return to Europe.

Ronaldo loves to play football in Brazil and Ronaldo doesn’t have any intentions to go back to Europe to play football he wants to end his football carrier in Brazil. I think that it is a shame because I would like to see Ronaldo play again. Ronaldo is just come back from another knee injury.

Ronaldo said to his personal homepage:

“I do not have the intention of returning to Europe. I think of wanting to finish my career here in Corinthians. Going back to Brazil is a decision I do not regret. I love it. It’s also very different and a big challenge,” Sais Ronaldo.
I hope that Ronaldo will come back to Europe to play again, but for Ronaldo it is properly best to stay in Brazil. The Brazilian football fans love Ronaldo and he will properly stay to the end of his football carrier.
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Ronaldo is soon ready again to play football.

Ronaldo is going with Corinthians

On Sunday Ronaldo is going with Corinthians to the football game against Noroeste on Wednesday, Ronaldo is not going to play, but he has to travel with the team to the football match, so he can be with the football team, and feel more as one of the team.

Ronaldo is soon ready to play football.

In about 14 days Ronaldo is going to be ready to play football again, and maybe Ronaldo will be back to play the football game against Palmeiras. This means Ronaldo could make his debut against Corinthians’ biggest rival in Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, in the Sao Paulo State Championship match on March 8 or three days later in a home game against Sao Caetano.
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Robinho is going to play football in Denmark tonight.

Robinho is in Denmark.

Robinho and the rest of the Manchester City football team is in Denmark right now, Manchester City is going to play football against FC.Copenhagen and it is going to bee a good game to play. Robinho hopes that Manchester City can win the football match, but if they don’t play good they can lose the football game in Denmark.

There are now favorites in football said Robinho to

Robinho admits he knows nothing about City’s UEFA Cup opponents FC Copenhagen. But if we don’t play well, we may lose, he says.
But the Brazilian ace also says that he respects the Danish side.
”Current football doesn’t have favorites. Manchester City may win over any club, but if we don’t play well, we can also lose to any club,” Robinho says to
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Heitinga thinks that the new football manager is good.

We have to start winning some more football games.

Heitinga and Atletico Madrid has been a disappointment this season, and Atletico Madrid is only on a 6 place in the Primera league, and that just isn’t good an of for the ambition football club in Spain. Heitinga hasn’t played his best football season, but now with the new manager Heitinga hopes that he can lift his game to a new level.

Heitinga likes the new manager in Atletico Madrid.

Heitinga said to that”The first time I saw him was good. He spoke to us and said: I’m here for the club, for myself and to do what we have to do. And that is to win games,” says John Heitinga in an exclusive video interview with Heitinga hopes that Atletico Madrid now can play better football.
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Can van der Vaart make 3 goals again?

3 goals in the last football game against Sporting.

In the last football game against Sporting, van der Vaart made 3 goals, and Real Madrid won the football match 7-1 that was a fantastic football result, and I personally hope they can do it again. The last football game against Sporting van der Vaart was in great form, and maybe he will be that again, I hope that van der Vaart can score 3 goals again, and that Real Madrid can win the football match.

Van der Vaart is a good football player.

Van der Vaart is one of the best Dutch football players, and together with Sneijder and Robben the 3 football players is so good and they are playing some very good football together. Robben is in the form of his life right now, scoring in almost every football match, and he is playing some wonderful football right now.
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