Robinho is going to play football in Denmark tonight.

Robinho is in Denmark.

Robinho and the rest of the Manchester City football team is in Denmark right now, Manchester City is going to play football against FC.Copenhagen and it is going to bee a good game to play. Robinho hopes that Manchester City can win the football match, but if they don’t play good they can lose the football game in Denmark.

There are now favorites in football said Robinho to

Robinho admits he knows nothing about City’s UEFA Cup opponents FC Copenhagen. But if we don’t play well, we may lose, he says.
But the Brazilian ace also says that he respects the Danish side.
”Current football doesn’t have favorites. Manchester City may win over any club, but if we don’t play well, we can also lose to any club,” Robinho says to

Another team from Denmark beat a great football team last night.

AAb from Denmark beat Deportivo from Spain 3-0 last night, and that was a big surprise for all of us who is seeing football. The Spanish football team was not good and the Danish football team played a good game. For the Danish football fans we can only hope that FC.Copenhagen can do it against
Manchester City.

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