Ronaldo is soon ready again to play football.

Ronaldo is going with Corinthians

On Sunday Ronaldo is going with Corinthians to the football game against Noroeste on Wednesday, Ronaldo is not going to play, but he has to travel with the team to the football match, so he can be with the football team, and feel more as one of the team.

Ronaldo is soon ready to play football.

In about 14 days Ronaldo is going to be ready to play football again, and maybe Ronaldo will be back to play the football game against Palmeiras. This means Ronaldo could make his debut against Corinthians’ biggest rival in Sao Paulo, Palmeiras, in the Sao Paulo State Championship match on March 8 or three days later in a home game against Sao Caetano.

I am looking forward to Ronaldos comeback.

I am looking forward to the comeback for Ronaldo, he is a football player who has been giving us a lot of joy and I hope that Ronaldo will return as good as he was before his injury. Maybe we can see Ronaldo in Europe again but maybe not in a big football club. I love Ronaldo and he will always be something special to me and a lot of football fans in the

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