Luis Fabiano a strong and gifted football player.

Luis Fabiano, a strong Brazilian football player.

Luis Fabiano is a strong Brazilian football player, if you are a defender you have to take the ball from him before he gets it because if he gets the football he is almost impossible to take the football from, Luis Fabiano is so strong and so good to keep the ball that if he gets the ball in front of the goal, he will almost every time make a goal. 

Some of the things Luis Fabiano are gifted with.

Luis Fabiano has a fabulous shout and he is so powerful that he can make some good goals from a long distends from the goal. If Luis Fabiano has the chance form the penalty spot he is one of the safest scooters in the world. Luis Fabiano is big and he is a very good header and Luis Fabiano is scoring a lot of goals with his head.

Luis Fabiano is quick and a good dribbler.

As a defender you have to mark Luis Fabiano close because he is so strong, quick and he is a good dribbler. Luis Fabiano is almost the perfect striker there is not a lot of things you can hope that a striker can have as
Luis Fabiano doesn’t have.

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