Real Madrid lost again.

It looks bad for Real Madrid.

After the football match against Sevilla Sunday evening, Real Madrid is so far after Barcelona that I will say that the championship most bee gone. 9 point after Barcelona maybe it is too many points even for Real Madrid. Now Real Madrid supporters can only hope that Real Madrid can win the Champions league because maybe this is the only chance to win a trophy this year.

Van der Vaart played for Real Madrid.

Van der Vaart is the one of the Dutch stars in Real Madrid that is not injured, Van der Vaart and Robben played against Sevilla, but booth van Nistelroy and Sneijder was out with injuries. Van Nistelroy is out for the rest of the football season but we hope that Sneijder soon will be back again.

Real Madrid is unlucky with injuries. 

Van Nistelroy, Sneijder and Pepe are just some of the injured players in Real Madrid and there has been so many more injured football players in Real Madrid. Real Madrid in unlucky and maybe they haven’t got a lot players so Real Madrid haven’t bought an of players in the summers market. They bought van der Vaart and he has
been playing good for Real Madrid.    

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