Christian Bager Poulsen, or just Christian Poulsen for the rest of us.

Some personally things about Christian Poulsen.

Christian Poulsen was born in Asnæs on the 28 of February in 1980, a small town just north of Holbæk in Denmark. Christian Poulsen is married to Julie Marie, they gat married when Christian Poulsen played football for Sevilla and together they have 2 kids. Christian Poulsen still has his mom and dad they are living in Asnæs in the house where Christian Poulsen grow op. They are working as a school teacher and a farmaceut.

The football carrier started in Holbæk.

After having played fin Asnæs in 10 years Christian Poulsen made a move to Holbæk and he played 82 football matches for that football club, a lot of them as a captain. Christian Poulsen was called op to the National u19 football team and that was at the age of 17. Christian Poulsen played 4 football matches for that team. In 200 FCK signed a contract with Christian poulsen and that was his first professional football contract. 

Christian Poulsen couth the opportunity.

When Christian Poulsen was on a week long training in FCK they signed a contract with him, he made it clear for the coach Roy Hodgson that they should sign him. FCK signed him and when Ståle Solbakken one of the best football players gat problems with his hart, Christian Poulsen took the responsibility and took his place on the

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