Well I told you so: About Rafael van der Vaart, Wesley Sneijder and Robinho.

Robinho sold to Manchester City.

As all the rumors said Robinho wanted to leave Real Madrid and now he gat it he’s way.  Robinho made a 40 Million Euro move to Manchester City, making him the most expensive player in English football. I don’t understand that a football player will move from Real Madrid to Manchester City, it most properly is the money, and the chance to be the biggest star in a football club. 

Is it good for Real Madrid?

It is never good for a football club to lose one of the stars in the club, but if you have a star that doesn’t wants to play for the football club then it is the best if you let him leave the football club. An unhappy football player is newer going to play op to his best. Real Madrid has so many stars so it is not so bad to lose Robinho. Real Madrid has players like Sneijder and van der Vaart, but now Sneijder is injured but he will be back again for Real Madrid.

Now the numbers suits the football players in Real Madrid.

After Robinho left the club Sneijder gat the number 10 shirt and then van der Vaart cut get his favorite number the shirt with number 23. And if you look at what I has been written on the 5 of August I  was saying that Real Madrid would sell Robinho and then Sneijder and van der Vaart could get the number they loves the most. 

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