Wesley Sneijder loves to play football.

You can’t play every match.

Sneijder hopes he can play every football game for the Dutch team and for Real Madrid, but the body can’t handle ale the football matches, both teams is playing every year. So Sneijder se it as an advantage if he doesn’t play every match the teams is playing. Sneijder hopes to have a long football carrier he wants to play far over the thirties.

Doesn’t care where he plays.

Wesley Sneijder doesn’t care if he plays in the middle, in the side or in the front at a football team; it is the coach who sets the football team. Sneijder just wants to play some football. Sneijder is maybe best when he plays in the right side but he is very good in the middle or in the left, I don’t think he is the best man op front.

Happy in Real Madrid.

Wesley Sneijder is an happy man I Real Madrid, he doesn’t have to play all the football matches, he plays with some of the best football players in the world, and they are winning some trophy’s. It is like the Dutch team Sneijder doesn’t have too play every match, but it is the best when he duo, because Sneijder is a very important player for the Dutch football team.

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