Is the Dutch football team ready to play the Euro 2008?

First trainings’ match against Denmark.

The Dutch football team played against Denmark in Eindhoven, and they result was 1-1 not the best Result for Sneijder, van der Vaart, Heitinga and the rest of the Dutch football team. The Dutch team didn’t look like at team that is going to play in the Euro 2008 they played a bad game against an opponent who isn’t going to play in the Euro 2008.

The Second trainings match against Wales.

Now the Dutch football team had every chance to show what a good football team they have. This was the match they should win, they should score a lot of goals and have the match under full control, and they scored 2 goals 1 from Robben and one from Wesley Sneijder. Rafael van der Vaart controlled the midfield in the time he was on the pitch.

Are they ready?

This have been 2 easy opponents and the teams they are going to play against in the Euro 2008 is a lot better, Italy, France and Romania, this is the group of death. I am scour that the Dutch football team can get far both they have to play a lot better when the Euro 2008 starts or they will not win a single match. Wesley Sneijder, Heitinga and Rafael van der Vaart have to play there best.

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