Rafael van der Vaart, in Championship manager.

What can van der Vaart do in the game?

In the game and in real life van der Vaart have a unique first touch, where he get an 18 out of 20, van der Vaarts passing is also perfect here he get a 18 out of 20, and that is like the real life. And when his dribbling is to a 16 this are some of the reasons why you shall bay Rafael van der Vaart.

What can van der Vaart not in the game?

Rafael van der Vaart can’t jump, and in the game he is a slacker with strength at 8 and a bravery at 10 this is one of the things that is not right in this game, because er Vaart is a strong payer in real life. In the game van der Vaart has a dead ball number of 9 out of 20 and that is very wrong because he is one of the best in that area.

Why bay Rafael van der Vaart?

In the game you can get van der Vaart for about 20 mill pound, and he is not demanding a big salary. Van der Vaart is the perfect leader in the game and he never gets an injury. I have founded out that Rafael van der Vaart is best in the left side or in the midfield.

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