Robinho, also great in computer games.

I often buy Robinho.

When I play Championship Manager I always try to buy Robinho. It is often difficult because of the fact that Real Madrid is asking for a lot of money for their players. In the game Robinho is one of the most expensive players and one of the best players, just as it is in the real world today. When you chose to manage Real Madrid you already have Robinho on the team, and he always plays well.

What can Robinho not do in the Championship Manager game?

I think that Championship Manager is one of the most realistic manager games. The players can the same in the game and in the real world, and what they can not do they can not do in the real world. Robinho can not cover one player in a game in the real world and he can not do that in the game either where his character is 9 of 20, he can not tackle here he also have a 9. Robinho is not the born leader in the real world or in the game where his character is 10 of 20.

What can Robinho in the Championship Manager?

In the real world Robinho is one of the fastest which he also is in the game where he scores 20 of 20. He is also great at dribbling; in the game he gets 19 of 20. Robinho has not the most perfect shot in the real world, and in the game he gets 16 of 20 but that is also very near perfect. In the real world Robinho pass perfectly to his team mates and in the game he scores 19 of 20. This is some of the reasons why you should use the amount of 350.000.000 croners in the game to buy Robinho for your team.

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