Robinho or Ronaldo?

What is the deferens between Robinho and Ronaldo?
If you look at Robinho and Ronaldo in the best shape they can be, what is the deference between these 2 great Brazilian football players? Robinho is the little quick man, who, nobody can catch on the wing, and Ronaldo is a bit bigger and Ronaldo is not as quick as Robinho. Robinho can play on all plaices on the midfield, both Robinho is best at a wing. Ronaldo is the perfect target man and he has eye for the goal. Robinho is not good in front, because he is not the born striker.

Who is the best to have on your football dream team?
If I should make my football dream team, I would choose them both, but if I only could choose on of Robinho or Ronaldo, then I choose Ronaldo he is the perfect striker and Ronaldo dos not neat a lot of space before the football is in the goal. Robinho is best when he runs from the wing and when he runs from his marker. If you look at there story I would choose Robinho, because who would pay a lot of money for a striker who is injured all the time. 

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