Robinho goes to Real Madrid.

Robinho has a big football talent.
From the start of Robinhos carrier, all of the people who now him said that this should be one, of the biggest football talents of the world. Here was something special, a talent you would not see every day in football. Robinho developed fast and he helps bring back the joy to the fans of the Brazilian football club Santos, when they won the Brazilian championship for the first time in 18 years. Robinho helped Santos to win a Championship and a Libertadores Cup before Santos sold him to Real Madrid.
A earlier trainer gat Robinho to Real Madrid 
The man who got Robinho to Real Madrid was, non other than Robinhos earlier trainer Vanderlei Luxemburgo who had a god personal knowledge to Robinho, from when he vas trainer for him in Santos for many yeas. Vanderlei Luxemburgo made the fine gentlemen at Real Madrid spend many money on a young unknown football player. But Vanderlei Luxemburgo knows what he was doing and he spend a lot of money on this young football talent.

A got choice for Real Madrid?
Robinho has develop in to more than a talent he is at good football player and he I now one of the best players on the Real Madrid team in this season. So right now Real Madrid is glad they bought Robinho for all the money.

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