Robinho a little man with a giant football talent.

Robinho is finely showing what he can.
It took a little time before Robinho gat ready to the Spanish football Primera division, but now he has gotten used to the way they play. Now Robinho is showing what a talent he really is, and why Real Madrid paid 24 million € when they bought Robinho in Santos in his home country Brazil.
Why is it going so well for Robinho in Real Madrid?
If you ask Robinho and all others who know him they would say that it is caused by the new trainer in Real Madrid Bern Schuster, he shows him the confident on the field as he didn’t get from the pervious trainer Fabio Capello. Now Robinho plays on the left wing and that is where Robinho is the best.

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What is it Robinho can du with a football?
Robinho is al quick football player and he can certainly dribble fast,
Robinho is fantastic in a man to man situation and there are not many defenders
who can catch him when he is dribbling. Not many defenders have found a way to stop Robinho.
Robinho can also make some great passes to the strikers.

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