Robinhos mom got kidnapped.

This is how football started for Robinho.
Robinho signed the first professional contract, in 2002 then he where 18 years old. The club is Santos Futebol Clube, and it is from Brazilian. In the first season, Robinho played football for Santos he played 24 matches and he scored 9 goals. Santos won with the help and goals from Robinho the Campeonato Brasileiro already in Robinhos first season Robinho played for the club. The 2004 season in Santos was the best for Robinho he played 37 matches and he scored 21 goals.
Difficult to hold Robinho in Santos.
In the summer of 2004, Santos new that they hat a very good player in Robinho, and if they could keep him at the club for a extra season, more clubs would show there interest in this young football player. Santos turns a lot of European down. But in the summer of 2005, Real Madrid bout Robinho for €24.000.000.

A difficult time for Robinho.
In the season 2004-2005 Robinho should show what a good football player he was, Santos hat refused to sell Robinho in the summer of 2004, and now Robinho should really show his quality as a football player. In the start of the season Robinhos mom got kidnapped and after 6 weeks and a big ransom Robinhos mom got released, and then Robinho could concentrate on football again. 

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