Robinho, the greats so that he vas good

There vas possibilities in that boy.
Already as a little boy Robinho got predicted a great football future, it vas the big stars as Pelé, who said that her vas a boy who wood make a big football talent and get far in football, (They vas right) Already as a 6 years old boy, Robinho vas spotted by a lot of football scouts and at the age of 9, the big clubs wanted him.
Scored a lot of goals in a early age.
Already at the age of 9 Robinho played good football, in an indoor tournament Robinho scored 73 goals for his club Portuários, and Robinho helped the club to be vice-champions of Sao Paulo. Already in the early years Robinho showed, that the best place for him on the pits vas as a wing and as the guy behind the strikers. This vas the best place to use his speed.

Robinho vas a provocative little boy.

Already early in the carrier Robinho gat told not to be so provocative, for the big and old defenders wood breaks his legs. Then Robinho learned to play without a lot of tricks and he got faster so the old players cut not get his legs.

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