Real Madrid and Robinho got the football Championship

Robinho, a part of the football championship?
In the start of the season Robinho played all the matches for Real Madrid, but then he gat injured, and after he gat bag from the injury break Robinho had a lot of trouble to get back in to the team.
Mostly because, Robben and Schneider, was playing very good. I feel Robinho has a big part of the Championship, Robinho played very well in the start and he has bin a good substitute. 
Robinho is a happy man now.
Robinho is very happy to win the Spanish football Championship, and for Robinho personally this is more important than the one last year. In this season Robinho has played a lot and he can say that this is also his Championship. Last year Robinho hardly ever played, but in this season hi has played a lot.

The best way for Real Madrid and Robinho.
When the game against Barcelona started, the Barca players had to make a standing applause for the football Champions and that vas a great feeling for Robinho even thou he vas on the bench. Robinho had never dreamt about that Barcelona shout applause Real Madrid on to the pitch. Next year Robinho and Real Madrid are going for all the trophies.

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