Rafael van der Vaart: Russia a better team.

Rafael van der Vaart thinks the defeat was against a better football team.

In the match against Russia the Dutch football team played a bag game, and Russia fully deserved the victory and now van der Vaart hopes that the Russian football team can go all the way to the finals. Russia could have won the football match bigger said van der Vaart they had a lot of chances to score some more goals and they just played better than the Dutch team said van der Vaart.

Life will go on for Dutch football.

Van der Vaart thinks the Dutch football team has played a good Euro 2008, and he will look back with a lot of good memory and some bad memory. In the first 3 games we played good but in the last game against the Russian team we played bad but we has shoed that we can play some good football in the Netherlands and he sees a great future for the Dutch football team.

Worst things than loosing a football match.

There are worst things than loosing a football match said van der Vaart, and said that some of the thongs that had happened in the last few days is a lot worse than loosing a football game, that one of he’s team mates is loosing his new born child is one of the worst things van der Vaart has tried in his football carrier. 

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