Sneijder and van der Vaart are having fun.

Rafael van der Vaart wants to have some fun.

After the match against France, van der Vaart said to the official web site:
Sometimes we forget to play football, that’s when things get difficult for us. Then again, this result compensates for everything. Football is all about having fun. And if you beat France 4-1, that means you must be having lots of fun. It’s just wonderful to be part of this.

Wesley Sneijder Played perfect again.

Sneijder played a perfect game against the French, and can he do that again in the quarterfinals and maybe the Semifinals and the final then we have some good chances to win this Euro 2008. Sneijder and van der Vaart have been looking like 2 little boys in the first 2 matches and Sneijder is so happy because the Dutch football team has been playing so good.

The Dutch team will have a home field advantage in the Quarterfinal.

The stadium the Quarterfinal will be played on is having new grass and the grass is collected on a field in the Netherlands and that I funny because then the Dutch football team is playing on its own grass. If this will have a impact on the game is there now one to now, but Sneijder, van der Vaart and the rest of the Dutch football team thinks this I

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