Wesley Sneijder what do you do between the games?

Sneijder likes to see some film and series.

Sneijder is maybe the only one of the Dutch football players, who hasn’t got any DVD’s with him, but a lot of the team mats have a lot of film and some series, and it is not a problem to loan them. As Sneijder said to his official website; I usually just borrow them from my teammates. I can always knock on the door of Demy de Zeeuw, Arjen Robben or Dirk Kuyt, as they always seem to have the latest films and DVDs.

Sneijder likes to be with some of the team mates.

Sneijder likes to have a cop of coffee and some food with the team mates because all the players on the Dutch football team like each other and there is a good atmosphere on the team. Under the game against Rumania Sneijder was on the bench and it was a lot of fun the players who didn’t play was backing the other players just like the players who was playing now had done for them in the games against Italy and France. Sneijder likes to be to this Euro championship because it is so funny people and Sneijder thinks that the Dutch football team can go all the way.

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