Real Madrid and Rafael van der Vaart won the Spanish football Super cup.

The first football trophy that van der Vaart have won in a long time.

Van der Vaart haven’t won a trophy since the football season 2003-2004 when he won the Dutch football championship with Ajax, and for van der Vaart it has been a long time, but now van der Vaart has won a trophy and maybe this trophy doesn’t mean a lot to the fans or the club but in this moment it is properly the best trophy van der Vaart has ever won. 

Rafael van der Vaart is especially happy because he got the read card and Real won the match.

Van der Vaart is happy because Real Madrid won the match, even when Real Madrid was playing with 2 players out because van Nistelroy and van der Vaart him self cat the read card in the second football match against Valencia in the super cup in Spain.

Now van der Vaart can’t play in the football match against Depo.

Van der Vaart is not going with Real Madrid to Depo, because he is banded for that football match. Van der Vaart is sad because the matches against Depo is always a special feeling for all the Real Madrid players Real Madrid hasn’t won a football match in Depo for about 18 years and all the players is saying that this is the year to win in Depo.

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