Wesley Sneijder is back to have some fun.

Sneijder is training on full speed again.

Sneijder is training along with his football team mates again, and it has been a hard time when he was on the side line and Sneijder not could be with the other boys on the field. Now Sneijder is back and he is looking forward to some hard training and be together with his team mates again.

Real Madrid is flaying high.

For Sneijder this is a good time to come back to the football team because it is always easier to come back to a football team that is winning, and it is good that the competition is so hard to get on the Real Madrid first football team. Winning a lot in the league and the 2 first matches in the Champions league is good for Sneijder and Real Madrid.

Sneijder is like a little boy again.

When Real Madrid draws the match against Espanyol Sneijder was back on the football field and it was not the best result, but Sneijder was back on the field again. Espanyol is not a bad team so a draw is not the worst result you can get from that football match. Sneijder is just happy to be back for
Real Madrid.

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