Can Sneijder and the Dutch football team do it again?

This is how we want to play.

Sneijder said that the way they played against Italy is the way the Dutch football team wants to play and that this is the way the football fans want to see the Netherlands play football. It was a good football match to see because the Dutch football team and Sneijder showed the Italian team how football is played on the highest level.

It’s not over yet?

Just because Sneijder and the Dutch football team has played one good game is it not over yet, next time it is France and then Romania and that is not the most easy games to play. Wesley Sneijder and the rest of the Dutch football team know that they have to play good again against France and Romania or they will be sent home.  

Sneijder and the Dutch football team can do it again.

I think Sneijder and the Dutch football team can win the Euro 2008 and I hope they will play every match just like the first against Italy, which was the kind of football we like to see been played at this tournament. I hope that Sneijder can maintain the form he is in now, and hope that Sneijder will play good for the rest of the tournament.

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