Wesley Sneijder and the Dutch football team won again.

Sneijder controlled the match.

The Dutch football team and Sneijder won the match against France with 4-1 and that was a big victory for the Dutch team. I saw the match and it didn’t look like a France team who had been in the World cup finals 2 years before. The Dutch team had control in the match and France didn’t have a lot of chances to score a goal.

Sneijder man of the match again.

Sneijder played a good game again and he made a perfect goal where he showed what a great football player he is. Sneijder made some good passes and he was all over the field, in the right in the middle front and back, he was the best player on the pitch once again.

Sneijder and the Netherlands are ready to the quarter finals.

After the win over France Sneijder and the Dutch football team are ready for the quarter finals, already before the last stage match. In the last match against Romania I think that a lot of the players will get a break and some of the players who haven’t played a lot will play the match. So maybe they will lose and then booth France and Italy is out of the Euro 2008 championship.

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