Clarence Seedorf, my winners this season.

Seedorf thinks that Milan will win the Serie A.

Seedorf has said that Milan will win the Serie A and just because Milan is not in the champion’s league I think that Milan can win this year. Milan doesn’t have to concentrate on the Uefa Cup because it is first in the latest rounds that Milan wills meat some very good football teams. It is in this year Milan will have to show that they are a good football team they have to win that league this year.

Seedorf, it will be close football in the Spanish league.

In Spain Real Madrid will win the league again and because Seedorf loves Real Madrid Seedorf thinks that Real Madrid will win the Champions league to and I hope that he has right. Real Madrid have a good team bur Barcelona will have to win the league this year, ore maybe we will see a quick firing of the head coach. Real Madrid will win and Seedorf thinks that Barcelona will be right after them.

Seedorf thinks that Chelsea can win in England this football season.

Chelsea has bought some good football players and Seedorf thinks that Chelsea has the right coach to make the stars work together. Scolari is the right choice and Seedorf thinks that Chelsea has a good chance this year. I think that Manchester Unitet can do it again this year and I hope that Chelsea will miss out of the top 3.

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