Christian poulsen is not playing a lot of football in Juventus.

Christian Poulsen is on the bench a lot.

Christian Poulsen is just come back to the football pitch after a injury, and now he has to show the trainer that he most bee one of the starting 11. It is not easy when you are coming back after an injury and you are still new in the football club. Christian Poulsen will show what he is cable of to the trainer.

Christian Poulsen is not going to leave Juventus.

When a good football player is not playing, there will always be some football clubs that think that he is not happy in the football club, but Christian Poulsen is happy to play in Juventus and now he has to et in shape again after the injury, it will take some time, but when the trainer will need Christian Poulsen again, he will be ready to play.

There are a lot of good players in Juventus.

There are a lot of good football players in Juventus and you do not make the big difference on a winning team, Christian Poulsen just have to wait, he will get the chance before long, that I am scour on. Right now Juventus is playing well and his time will come.

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