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This was perfect day and a perfect goal from Wesley Sneijder.

This was a birthday wish from Sneijder.

Yesterday Sneijder told his official website that a birthday wish would be to score in the game, and to win the first football match in this Euro championship over Italy in 30 years. Sneijder could not wish for a better birthday, I am scour that he is a very happy man today. The Dutch team won the match and Sneijder had a perfect birthday.  

This was a perfect goal from Sneijder.

Sneijder marked his 24th birthday by scoring a sensational second. It came from a quite sublime counterattacking move that started with a clearance of the Dutch goal line by Gio van Bronkhorst, and ended with Sneijder finishing off a flowing five-man move 17 seconds later, by firing home a scissor kick at the near post. There was no chance for the Italian keeper Buffon.

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Can Heitinga save the Dutch defense?

Heitinga most have a good Euro 2008.

If Heitinga plays the best he can, then the Dutch football team can get very far in the Euro championship. If Heitinga is having a bad Euro Championship, then the Dutch football team will not get very far. The Dutch football team has a week defense, and they will relay on Heitinga to play good.

Way can Heitinga make the deference?

Heitinga is a strong defender and he is properly the best Dutch football player to control the Dutch defense, and secure that the other football teams not will be scoring a lot of goals against the Netherlands. Heitinga can also be a important player in the way the Dutch football team will play the ball op the field.

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Is the Dutch football team ready to play the Euro 2008?

First trainings’ match against Denmark.

The Dutch football team played against Denmark in Eindhoven, and they result was 1-1 not the best Result for Sneijder, van der Vaart, Heitinga and the rest of the Dutch football team. The Dutch team didn’t look like at team that is going to play in the Euro 2008 they played a bad game against an opponent who isn’t going to play in the Euro 2008.

The Second trainings match against Wales.

Now the Dutch football team had every chance to show what a good football team they have. This was the match they should win, they should score a lot of goals and have the match under full control, and they scored 2 goals 1 from Robben and one from Wesley Sneijder. Rafael van der Vaart controlled the midfield in the time he was on the pitch.

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